The personal Dashboard on your iPhone

Free / $5.00 (PayPal and eSellerate)

SmartScreen is an application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allow informational widgets to be placed and used on the lock screen.

Widgets are similar to those offered by Apple's "Dashboard", and they follow familiar look and feelings. The widgets can be rearranged on the lock screen by using a 'tap and hold to move' action, that is often used by users (when moving icons around on the home screen).

With our widgets you can quickly call or write message to your contacts, view calendar, check email, view and write notes, launch apps from lock screen, read RSS, search with Google and with others, translate words, check weather and many-many more. All this you can do right on your lock screen!

SmartScreen provides access to various controls with toggles for wireless interfaces & services, as well as iPod control (via double-tapping the Home button while at the lock screen).


  • View various widgets by us, AND 3rd party developers on your lock screen
  • Rearrange your lock screen's widgets by pinching and pulling them with multi-touch gestures
  • Have multiple pages of widgets. You can create up to eight+ pages with the full version. The "Lite" version will only let you use 3 widgets
  • Controls screen, that let's you control your iPod, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and EDGE settings by double-tapping on the home button while at the lock screen (not available in "Lite" version)
  • Enable "iPod Shake to Shuffle" on "Lock" screen (not available in "Lite" version)
  • Auto-Hide LockBar (not available in "Lite" version)
  • Setting of auto-dim lockscreen (not available in "Lite" version)
  • Ability to turn on clock in status bar on lockscreen (not available in "Lite" version)
  • Smart Translate feature (not available in "Lite" version)
  • Dismiss alerts on single home tap (not available in "Lite" version)
  • Simple organization of widgets by using SmartScreen's own settings application, where you can hide or show/preview widgets (not available in "Lite" version)
  • Different themes for widgets
  • Full Retina Support on iPhone 4


  1. Add the MediaPhone source to Cydia on iPhone
  2. Go to "Utilities" category or search for SmartScreen
  3. Select "SmartScreen for iOS" (if you have device with iOS) or "SmartScreen for iPad (if you have iPad)" or SmartScreen (for firmware 3.*), then tap "Install"
  4. Don't forget to install widgets from category "SmartScreen Widgets" ("SmartScreen iOS Widgets" or "SmartScreen iPad Widgets")

If you have purchased the full version (not the "Lite" version), you must activate the product upon first use.


You'll need a Jailbroken iPhone OS device.

iOS 5 is not supported by SmartScreen. We don't have in plans to update SmartScreen for iOS 5.

If you don't already have a Jailbroken iPhone OS or iOS device, you'll need to run the special utility for this.

List of software NOT compatible with SmartScreen and Known Issues you'll find in our Support Center.

You can also find FAQ and Recent Changes for SmartScreen there.

And FAQ for all of our widgets.


    You can buy full version of SmartScreen

    via PayPal or eSellerate.


    The SmartScreen SDK helps you develop widgets for SmartScreen on iPhone OS.


    You can view all widgets for SmartScreen

    in our Widget Gallery.